Anglų dialogas Get a summer job

Anglų dialogas Get a summer job.

Oh sorry I thought you finished already, keep going.

So as I was saying, that the new students could ask what employers want from the new workers. How was it in the interview, what was needed that day. How you need to act, and witch work should they get.

As I said, It’s an awful idea, because I’m not sure that students that had a summer job, could give whole needed information for the new students, in fact, many employers have they own opinion about the worker, so the students answers, even about the same job could be different. In my opinion, I think we should invite an employer, that he would talk what he wants from new workers and what are the requirements to get the job, and answer the questions, because the best way to know what employers want, it’s just to ask them.

Well, I’m won’t agree with you on that one, because many employers, as you said have they’re own opinions about the workers, and in fact, I’m not sure that you would found an employer that would have time to come.

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