Anglų dialogas lets keep fit

Let's keep fit dialogue. Angku tema school campaign let's keep fit.

Anglų dialogas lets keep fit.

O: Um, let me think .. I'm sorry, but I think that the best way to encourage our school community to keep fit is to focus on healthy eating and organize a series of whole-school events on the issue, such as “My salad recipe” or “My healthy lunchbox”.

S: You know, Oksana, if we put together my and your ideas and do that one project? Imagine, for example, we start the day with yoga exercises.

O: I agree, Simona. Please continue on a separate your idea.

S: Ok, after the exercise of all the students and teachers to go to the health food table, on which will be only fruits and vegetables, because it does breakfast. You know, we could also invite well-known athlete, a yoga coach. What do you think about yoga trainer Gediminas Lingys? Do you remember him?

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