Anglų dialogas searching a room

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M: Hi

A: Hello mister! What is you name?

M: My name is Matas and What is your name, Miss?

A: My name is Agne. Nice to meet you!

M: Nice to meet you too! I saw Advertisement in the local news-paper for a room.

A: Yes. You are right. I am searching for a renter.

M: So May you tell me how big it is? Or for how many people?

A: Ofcourse. This room is in a 30 squared meters and for sure it is available for 4 people.

M: Oh... Its quite big. First of all, how much it will cost per month? Because I‘m a student.

Thats why price is in the first place for me.

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  • Anglų dialogas searching a room
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