Anglų filologiijos corpus praktika

Titulinis praktikos ataskaitos lapas. Anglų filologijos bakalauro studijų programa. Kvalifikacinės praktikos ataskaita. Noun + researchers Researchers + preposition Researchers + verb Researchers + adjective Pronoun + researchers. Adverb + researchers Adjective + researchers Conjunction + researchers Preposition + researchers.

As can be seen in the table above, verbs and nouns are the most occurring speech parts throughout the collected articles. This collection is gathered from the online Nature magazine and words like “is”, “says”, “researchers”, “data”, “scientists”, ... indicate that these articles contain words related to a process of observation of events happening in nature, making hypothesis as to why they happen and trying to prove/disprove them. The word “says” also shows that articles are based on scientists or researchers words, in order to be considered genuine and reliable. Words like “nature” and “earth” indicate that topics are closely related to the surrounding environment, which are also reflected in the title of the magazine - Nature. Though these sorts of topics dominate, the word “cells” shows that a significant part of the gathered articles are connected with biology and genetics as well.

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