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Filmo aprašymas anglų kalba
Film review. The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is an action and adventure film with plenty of special effects and even romantic scenes. Jennifer Lawrence plays the role of the main character Katniss Everdeen and the film also stars Josh Hutcherson ...
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2014 01 09
Anglų knygios aprašymas King in a cage
I had read a book by John J.Graves ,,King in a cage".The book tells the story about the adventures in Africa.The young prince Impala is very interested in his country because his father is the current lord of Africa.But his health is bad and he ...
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2013 05 26
Angliškas laiškas draugui
Čia parašiau laišką draugei. Laiškas yra angliškas. :)
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2013 05 14
Anglų dialogas, monologas prieš 12 klasės egzaminą pasiruošimas
Anglu dialogas , monologas pries 12 klases egzamina pasiruosimas A MOKINYS. European Day of Languages Situation. You start the conversation. B mokinys. Student A starts the conversation. International Women’s Day Task.
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2016 03 06
Vilnius city anglų rašinys
Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and is it is located in the southeast of the country. Vilnius is a historical and cultural central of Europe and a perfect destination for a peaceful weekend visiting sights. Vilnius has a couple of ...
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2013 06 01
Anglų dialogas apie mokyklos baigimo vakarėlį
A: how are you?B: i’m fine. How about you?A: i’m fine to. Listen, do you have any ideas where we should celebrate our graduation party?B: there’s a new restaurant in the city square. I was there yesterday with my ...
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2014 12 15
Anglų kalbos laikai aprašymas
Past Perfect Continous . Present Perfect Continous . Future Perfect Continous . Present simple  . Present perfect continuous . Past perfect continuous .
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2016 09 30
Anglų knygos aprašymas (2)
The pilgrimage. Book review. Introduction. The plot. Conclusion. New words / expressions / set phrases picked up from the book. Sentences from the book where these words occurred.
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2014 06 16
Anglų dialogas apie atostogas
-Hi-Hello-How are you?-I'm fine, how about you?-I‘m fine too. You know, we have to start planing holidays with our friends.-oou.. Yes of course, I forgot... Maybe you have some ideas where we can spend ...
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2014 11 14
Monologue about pocket money
This chart shows how teenagers spend their pocket money. I can see that 35proc. spend their pocket money for mobile , 30proc for clothes, 15 for eating out. 10proc choose spend their money for cinema and other things. So, the majority of ...
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2016 06 11
Review of a film
I Want You - the second part of the romantic drama, Three Steps Above Heaven. First time I watched this film with my friend, about 5 months ago, 18 of june. Its story about two young people who discovered the first great love.Hache and Gin ...
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2013 10 23
Body massage Case Study
Client Profile. Reason for Treatment. Treatment Plan. Treatment 1 02. Details of the treatment. Details how client felt during and after the treatment. Homecare Advice. Reflective Practise. Treatment 2 07 10 Details of the treatment. Treatment 3 14. ...
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2015 10 15
Anglų dialogas lets keep fit
O: Um, let me think .. I'm sorry, but I think that the best way to encourage our school community to keep fit is to focus on healthy eating and organize a series of whole-school events on the issue, such as “My salad recipe” or “My healthy ...
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2014 12 15
Apie etiką anglų kalba Ethics
Apie etiką anglų kalba. Ethics. Ethics of the business can be divided into. While starting the business, the businessman assumes three duties. Modern ethics of the business is based on three basic statements. Problems of ethics of the business. ...
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2014 04 18
Anglu monoliginis kalbejimas apie Eating disorders
Anglu monoliginis kalbejimas apie valgymo sutrikimus Eating disorders.
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2014 12 16
Cut Your Spending Online Competition
A: What are the aims of the competition? To my mind, we can aim at teaching young people to handle money with care and to develop effective saving habits? What is your opinion?B: I like the first aim. I think it is extremely important to ...
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2014 12 11
The Devil Wears Prada Film review
"The Devil Wears Prada" was directed by David Frankel. It had its first showing in Russia on 5th October This film stars Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs, Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Stanley Tucci, Simon Baker and Adrian Grenier. Andy Sachs is a naive ...
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2014 11 05
Civil law
What is the Civil Law. Civil law . What the civil law is. Comprehensive system . Well organized system . Adaptable system. Primarily legislative system. Some salient features of the civil law. Clear expression of rights and duties. Simplicity and ...
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2015 04 28
National stereotypes
I’ll be talking about national stereotypes. I found this topic very interesting because from my point of view stereotypes can be much more harmful and negative than we expect. I’m not going to talk about the article which is in our book’s, ...
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2016 03 06
Preparation for the Speaking Credit
B: At first, I would like to ask you what typical problems pupils have with speaking.A: I think pronunciation and expressing your opinion – it is not always easy to find suitable words. How do you evaluate your speaking skills? What are ...
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2014 12 11
Speak about marketing
Speak about marketing What is customer relationship management? Explain product-focused and customer-centric marketing Why is the customer always right? Why do female customers are taken into account and what do women really want?.
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2017 01 30
Wellness dimenions Sveikatingumo dimencijos
Wellness dimenions. Emotional wellness. Occupational wellness. Environmental wellness. Physical wellness. Intellectual wellness. Social wellness. Financial Wellness. Spiriyual wellness.
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2015 05 17
Anglijos aprašymas anglų kalba
Great Britain - industrialized countries, economically one of the strongest in the world (after the United States, Germany, Japan). The Southeast producing wheat, barley, sugar beet, dominated by dairy and beef cattle breeding, western, southwestern ...
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2013 11 17
Anglų dialogas apie gimtadienio dovaną
A Hi, Simona! B hello! A I miss you so much! How are you? B I’m fine. How about you? A I’m fine too. Listen, I want to talk with you. You know, that Kate’s birthday is on Friday, right? So we should buy something. B Maybe pet? A that’s a ...
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2014 11 11
Monologai anglų egzaminui
Personally, I took a test once, two or three years ago and I got 110. About 95% of people all over the world have IQ score from 85 to 115, so I think I'm a person with average mental abilities. Intelligence for me is logic, abstract thought, ...
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2015 09 29
A women and a man two different world
Men and women - so many differences and similarities. Women are interested in men and men in women. Men and women differ not only from the outside as well as inside. Men and women look at the world differently, have different views on the same ...
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2013 05 06
About energy
Energy. Introduction. What is energy? History of energy. Units of measure. Forms of energy. Kinetic energy. Potential energy. Electrical energy. Heat energy. Thermal energy. Conservation of energy. Conclusions. Resources.
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2016 05 08
Advantages and disadvantages of being rich and famous
Advantages and disadvantages of being rich and famous.
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2016 05 05
Anglų kalbos semantika
Semantics - is the study of meaning in language. The lexicon of the language. A lexeme may consist of. Linguistic semantics - a branch of. Linguistic semantics deals with. Semantics and the extra linguistic world. Approaches to meaning. ...
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2016 11 13
Anglų monologas apie menininko profesiją
Here are three pictures with different professions. I choose artist profession, because in my opinion, she is the most suitable for me. Next photos is a builder and operator. builder's work is more for men, operator's job is not foe me, too. ...
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2015 01 10