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Laiškas draugui anglų kalba pavyzdys
Laiškas draugui apie save. Thanks a lot for your letter and sorry for not writing before – I was soooooo busy! You know, school, music, friends and so on.:)So, you decided to come to my country – it’s so great! I can’t wait for ...
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2010 09 27
Motyvacinis laiškas anglų kalba
Motyvacinis laiškas erazmus programai. Cover letter. Motyvacinis laiškas anglų kalba.
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2012 09 05
Laiškas apie atostogas anglų kalba
Tai laiškas užsienio draugei apie savo atostogas užsienyje.
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2013 04 09
Laiškas draugui anglų kalba
Šis laiškas rašomas draugui, norint, kad jis sužinotų kuo daugiau apie tave, bei , kad tu nuo draugo gautum kuo daugiau informacijos apie jį, taip draugai gali susipažinti, jei draugas gyvena kur kitur (užsienyje)
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2013 02 09
Rekomendacinis laiškas anglų kalba
Rekomendacinis laiskas anglu kalba stojančiam į verslo mokyklą. To whom it. May. Concern.
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2012 09 13
Anglų laiškas - nusiskundimas. Formal letter of complaint
Formal letter of complaint. I am writing to complain about your hotel‘s poor service. I stayed here last week for three days and to be honest, I was not pleased. First of all, the day we arrived we had to wait 3 hours to get our room key because ...
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2012 11 09
Laiškas dėl darbo anglų kalba
I am writing to apply for the position of medical doctor which I saw advertised in The New York Times last week. I would be interested in quality medical care in New York State Department of Health. I enclose a copy of my CV.I would like ...
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2013 05 14
Formalus laiškas anglų kalba
Oficialus laiskas. Klausiama informacijos apie kurorta.
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2012 05 16
Letter to a friend. Laiškas draugui
Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you! Hope everything’s okay in the home. Sorry, i haven't written you for a long time because i was very busy. I and my pen – friend tina traveled all the time. Anyway, you asked me to tell you ...
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2012 03 20
Laiškas draugui apie laisvalaikio užsiemimą
Thank you for the last letter which send to me. Your favourite pastime activity is awesome. I think that I must to tell you about my favourite pastime activity too. When I have some free time I surf the internet. This activity I started ...
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2013 04 15
Laiškas draugui Kvietimas atvykti į savo šalį
It’s been long time since our last visit, so Im glad that your choice is Lithuania. I think your holidays we can spend together. I know a good place where we can take a rest. That place is called Nida. Nida has a very nice dunes, ...
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2015 02 18
Letter to friend
Hello saulius, hi! How are you? I hope the summer job is going well. Have you decided where to go on holiday? I am writing to you from cairo. My mother, father, sister and i came here four days ago. We have already seen pyramids, but they have not ...
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2011 05 17
Motyvacinis laiškas angliškai
Motivacinis laiškas anglų kalba UCAS programai. Motivation letter for UCAS.
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2013 03 17
Informal letter to friend about music festival
How are you? Is everything ok? I didn't know your address or phone number, so I couldn’t find you earlier. Now that I’ve got your address, I can write a letter to you. I'm doing well here. It’s snowing, and it's also very cold and all I’m ...
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2013 11 18
Motyvacinis laiškas stojant į užsienio universitetą
Motyvacinis laiškas stojant į užsienio universitetą.
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2014 11 14
A job appliance letter
Job appliance letter example. I am writing in response to your advertisement in the issue. Of new streetwise and i am writing in a hope that you consider me for the job as a course assistant next summer. To start with, i am in my late teens. ...
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2010 03 03
Anglų laiškas Covering letter
I am writing to apply for the position of marketing manager as posted on your website. As you can see from my cv, i am studying ba agriculture engineering and management at lithuanian university of agriculture. Marketing manager work at your company ...
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2012 05 07
Motyvacinis anglų kalba for Erasmus
First of all, I would like to supply you with some information about me. I am XXX XXX and I am a graduate student of bachelor in Finance and also studying the international economics at the Kaunas Technology University.In my future, I want ...
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2015 05 06
Motyvacinis laiškas anglų kalba Motivation letter
Motyvacinis laiškas anglų kalba Motivation letter.
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2015 05 19
Formalus laiškas
Formalus laiškas skirtas dėl mokytojos darbo mokykloje.
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2012 05 28
Gyvenimo aprašymas anglų kalba
Vardas vardaitis. Date of Birth , place. Marital status. Work history. Uab Electro industries Japan. Uab migan tech. Uab Optornos systems. Uab Nicola electric. IT skills. Other knowledge. Work with customers. Driving license. Personal qualities.
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2015 11 11
Anglu motyvacinis laiškas pavyzdys
I am graceful to have an opportunity to provide the information about myself and my wish to study in your university. This information will prove that I am proper person for bachelor studies of Bussines Economics and Information Technology in ...
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2014 03 05
Formalus anglų laiškas
I am writing to apply for the job of sales assistant which i saw advertised in the cambridge evening news. I would be very interested in applying for the job. I am. Years old and i will complete. Th grade this summer. I am native speaker of ...
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2012 12 01
Laiškas draugui angliškai
Here I am in America, Chicago city! I arrived last week. The flight was really long, about 10 hours, but I’am not bored. I have different activities: watched a films, listening to music and playing a lot of games. I’ve also got a very tasty ...
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2016 04 23
A letter of application
I am writing in reply to your advertisement wich i found in the internet for full-time work in your company. I am. -years-old lithuanian student and i come from vilnius in center of lithuania. At present i am still studying at vilnius university of ...
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2012 05 09
Anglų Application letter
An example of an application letter for a work possition
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2012 05 02
Semi formal letter
I’m writing to encourage you to study english language. To begin with , let me suggest You a few effective ways which could help learnomg and practicing english language. First, way to learn english language is cartoons even if you don’t ...
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2013 11 04
Laiškas draugei angliškai
Hi! How are you? Did you pass the exam? I hope so. The weather here is very good at the moment. Yesterday I came back from England. I was there to visit my relatives and I really enjoyed the time there.Anyway, I’m writing to invite you for a ...
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2013 04 15
Letter of complaint
I am writing to complain about the dinner we had at your restaurant on Wednesday 13th November. Unfortunately, it was nothing like we expected.To begin with, the dishes we ordered were not tasty because of being overdone. The steakes were ...
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2014 12 17
Motyvacinis laiškas angliškai (2)
I was engaged by your offer, because it is an opportunity to work in your company and to apply the acquired knowledge realizing the aims of your company. I started my career with simple students’ jobs, but as I entered Vilnius ...
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2013 01 24