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Anglų rašinys apie sportą Sports
Broadly speaking, there are many people who do sports and they do it for many reasons. There are people who do sports every day, also few times in a week or just when they want. In my opinion, not every person realize the benefits and importance of ...
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2013 03 25
Anglų rašinys apie keliones
Anglų rašinys apie keliones. Kelionės rašinys. Travel broadens the mind and widens our horizons.
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2013 09 12
Motyvacinis laiškas stojant į UK universitetą
Firstly, law attracts me because it distinguishes what is right and what is wrong. It is different from other courses because it is broad range studies. It includes international law, so all principles between different countries also united kingdom ...
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2012 04 02
World information society day monologas

Monologas šia tema: World Information Society Day. ...

Communication through the virtual world these days is very important because now much evolved technology allows us to communicate virtually with our friends or family. I also do not ...

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2012 11 21
How to combine working and studying
Embarking on a degree whilst working full time can be extremely challenging when trying to balance work commitments and personal life with the demands of academic studies, but it is certainly achievable, and with the adoption of a few survival ...
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2012 12 03
Anglų pristatymas apie įmonę Rūta
Rūta. About company RŪTA History Employees My position in company Activities Products. Content. RŪTA is the oldest confectionery company in Lithuania. „RŪTA“. Middle-sized company Have. Information about the company. Established in 1913 in ...
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2016 06 23
Holidays and tourism
I will tell you about holidays and tourism in Lithuania. Lithuania is a beautiful and interesting European country. Because of seasons changing and good geographical location, you can find a lot of interesting activity in Lithuania.I think ...
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2013 04 21
Audi corporation
Introduction. Strain of Audi. The Auto Union era. World War II period. A pause and new start. The four-ring badge. Modern era. Audi Quattro. Audi AG today. Most popular “Audi” Models. Inconclusion.
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2016 08 05
Laiškas draugui apie laisvalaikio užsiemimą
Thank you for the last letter which send to me. Your favourite pastime activity is awesome. I think that I must to tell you about my favourite pastime activity too. When I have some free time I surf the internet. This activity I started ...
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2013 04 20
Anglų kalbėjimas transport and travelling
Anglu kalbejimas apie keliones ir transporta. kaip suderinti keliones su transportu.
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2013 02 21
Crimes in Lithuania
Nowadays in all world more and more people start to do crimes. There are a lot of types of them. Such as muggings, hijacks, robberies, kidnaps and so on. But for example in our country some of these crimes are not usual, maybe because of people ...
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2016 07 23
Opinion essay pavyzdys
Opinion essay. Third idea , support. Contradictive idea , support. People should become vegetarians. Violent sports should be banned. Should ban or restrict. Worsen their fitness. Tend to be aggressive. Some people say that violent sports can ...
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2015 11 29
Smart houses
“smart home” - a play on the concepts. “smart home” - a play on the concepts. Actual current opportunities. System installation. Problems and prospects. The current housing now includes much more than just a solid wall and durable roof. ...
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2016 07 23
Hybrid vehicle
Introduction. Hybrid vehicle (green car). How does a hybrid vehicle work ? Hybrid vehicle history. The development leading to the hybrid vehicle's. The first hybrid vehicle's. Vehicle type. Types of hybrids. Two-wheeled and cycle-type vehicles. ...
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2016 09 08
Mano svajonių namas My dream house
My dream house. My dream house should be not only beautiful appearance. So my dream house is located about few kilometers from the big city in a very picturesque. My inside the house should be a lot of blue color because it is my favorite color. In ...
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2013 05 20
Anglų rašinys apie knygą Book Review
One of the best books i‘ve ever read is ‘junk‘, by melvin burgess. It was written in. ‘junk‘ could be described as cruel and schocking book about life‘s dark sides and hope. It is one of the most famous books in britain‘s literature, ...
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2011 03 30
Letter to a friend. Laiškas draugui
Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you! Hope everything’s okay in the home. Sorry, i haven't written you for a long time because i was very busy. I and my pen – friend tina traveled all the time. Anyway, you asked me to tell you ...
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2012 03 20
Sportas anglų skaidrės
Anglų skaidrės apie sportą. Sports is all forms of competitive physical activity. The history. The history of sport can teach us. Sport seems to involve basic human skills. Most popular sports in the world. Football. Is a team sport. Soccer is ...
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 12 puslapių
2013 03 06
Formalūs laiškai anglų kalba. Types of formal letters
Visi formalių laiškų tipai. Darbas anglų kalba. Įvadas. Types of formal letters. Letters about jobs. Inquiry letter. This is an example of inquiry letter. My letter. Letters to other organizations. Asking information letter. Example. My letter. ...
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2016 07 28
The place i like to go to
In the world are many wonderful places , therefore almost everyone dream about going to place that they want to be. People want to see it because of many different reasons. I am not an exception of these people, because I have a wish, too. My ...
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2013 03 19
Education in Lithuania essay
Everybody has a right to education in Lithuania. Some years ago secondary schools taught the same subjects, had the same organization of education. The school year begins on the first of September and finishes in June. The school year is divided ...
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2016 11 15
The mass media have a major influence on our lifestyle today
The mass media have a major influence on our lifestyle today.
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2016 04 01
Advertising is a fast growing industry
Firstly,I would like to talk about positive side of advertising,which we can see from companies eyes,advertising is good way to present a new product to customers.You can hear it on radio or seen it trought TV commercials ,or read it on ...
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2017 11 07
Essay of cycling
Although the bicycle is a rather old-fashioned way of travelling, it has certain advantages. However, cycling does have its disadvantages. Taking everything into account, nevertheless there are some disadvantages to traveling by bike, I personally ...
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2016 07 12
Girteka - transport logistic company
Introduction. History of the company. General info about the company. Structure of the organization. The number of staff. Kinds of services. Geography and partners. Profit of the company. Position among similar companies. Advantages and ...
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2016 01 19
Medicinos bankas pristatymas
Bank history. Mission. Main services. Summary. Medical bank offers a lot of services, protect people privates and purposeful. This bank ensure qualitatively our services. Mostly people choose this bank.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 7 puslapiai
2012 02 03
Anglų kalbėjimas education
Education is compulsory in our country. Children start school at the age of seven. They can stay at school for twelve years but some of them leave school at the end of the ninth form. These pupils usually go to vocational junior colleges where they ...
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2011 02 08
Anglų laiškas draugei
Hi! How are you? How are your summer holidays? I can‘t wait for you to arrive! You said that you don‘t know how to spend your summer holidays, without spending a lot of money. At first I don‘t know what to write, but then I found ...
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2012 12 03
Introduction. To present many interesting facts about how important colors are for human in life. To describe colors of every astrological sign. To explain what people eye color means. To find out which flowers color are the most suitable to present ...
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2012 12 18
Anglų essay Religious people usually behave better than non-religious people
Anglų nuomonės esė tema: Religious people usually behave better than non-religious people. Patikrinta anglų kalbos mokytojos, žodžių skaičius apie 190.
Anglų esės, Esė, 1 puslapis
2013 03 20
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