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Anglų kalbėjimas education
Education is compulsory in our country. Children start school at the age of seven. They can stay at school for twelve years but some of them leave school at the end of the ninth form. These pupils usually go to vocational junior colleges where they ...
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2011 02 08
Coca cola įmonės aprašymas anglų kalba
Introduction. Coca-Cola activity, business form. History, development. Dislocation and Structure of organization. Employees. Foreign partners. Annual turnover, profit. SWOT analysis. Perspectives. Staff motivation. Conclusions. Literature.
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2016 09 09
My dream holiday
My dream holiday. Anglų kalbos namų darbas - rašinys apie svajonių atostogas.
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2012 11 10
My native town Kaunas
I live in Lithuania. In town that is called Kaunas. We have two main parts of town. It is the Old town and the New town. Kaunas is one of the biggest industrial centers in Lithuania. Kaunas is the students city too.
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2011 12 29
Sea Festival
Sea Festivities are held annually in Klaipeda in order to express deep love and respect to the Baltic sea. In anticipation of Sea Holiday preparations start weeks in advance. The holiday starts with a main concert and then during all the festival a ...
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2011 12 30
The most memorable camping experience you have ever had
I was so delighted getting a letter from you, it was really nice of you. It seems like you had a great hiking trip and you really enjoy it. Last month I had a great camping experience with a group of people. The place where we had are camping was ...
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2014 03 26
Vilniaus Pergalė company
Vilniaus pergalė’’ company. The company name. ,,Vilniaus Pergalė’’. The logo of company. Mission statement. Capital of company. Employess in our company. Vilniaus pergalė location. Green (eco-friendly) company. Company products. ...
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2016 07 19
Are school uniforms necessary
Rašinys anglų kalba apie tai ar būtina devėti mokykloje uniformas. Are school uniforms necessary.
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2012 03 03
Anglų dialogas
Breaking boudaries projectA: what a great idea, we can talk with teachers and ask them for help to make activities everyday to make students friendlier like: greeting everybody in the morning, at the breaks give to everybody leaflets with ...
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2012 10 30
Anglų kalbėjimas Sports
Many young people don’t like to stay at home and watch tv all day. They love to do various activities and one of activities is sport. Sport is very important in pupil’s life. They love playing tennis, basketball, football, volleyball and other ...
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2013 03 20
Global warming skaidrės
Global warming. Content. What is global warming?. Causes of global warming. Greenhouse gases. Fossil fuel. Deforestation. Some other examples which causes global warming. What is global warming doing to the enviromental?. Greenhouse effect. How to ...
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2014 02 13
Health and body care
Health is the most important thing in a person’s life. As for me I take care of my health. Sport is very important in our life. I have the strict day’s routine. If a person doesn’t keep to these rules he can easily catch an illness. Language. ...
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2011 12 29
Healthy lifestyle anglų rašinys apie sveiką gyvenseną
A healthy lifestyle includes a balance of nutritious foods, exercises and plenty of rest. It’s very important to eat healthier food that doesn’t have many calories. The next important thing is drinking lots of water. Normally one person ...
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2015 10 08
Learning foreign languages is a must
Knowing and learning foreign languages is really important to us, it’s useful if you want to communicate with foreign people, know something about their country, religion or culture. In the first place, foreign language is necessary if ...
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2012 04 16
Motyvacinis laiškas angliškai
Motivacinis laiškas anglų kalba UCAS programai. Motivation letter for UCAS.
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2013 03 20
Anglų rašinys apie megstamiausią knygą
,,”,Marti Leimbach,is an axtraodinary accomplishment which works as love story and terms of endearment. Story takes places in the sea-coast town in New England. This wonderfully wrotten book is about an extremely talented,vibrant ...
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2013 05 16
Lietuvos prezentacija anglų kalba
A little bit information about Lithuania. Memorable objects of Lithuania. Television tower. Sun clock in nida. Parnidis dune in nida. Sport. Swimming. Famous lithuanians in sport. Žydrūnas Savickas The strongest man in the world. Food. Lithuanian ...
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2014 09 25
Motyvacinis anglų kalba for Erasmus
First of all, I would like to supply you with some information about me. I am XXX XXX and I am a graduate student of bachelor in Finance and also studying the international economics at the Kaunas Technology University.In my future, I want ...
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2015 05 07
Opinion essay
Over the years of attending school my opinion of whether i and other students should wear school uniforms has changed a lot, but it has reached its final destination and it is not changing anymore. So no, we should not wear school uniforms and i ...
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2016 07 24
Senukai company presentation
Uab“Senukai“. Company profile. Company history. Company‘s structure. Production. Consumers. Company strengths. Card for discounts of „Senukai“. Every month the new catalog of goods with new special suggestions. My position of the company. ...
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 15 puslapių
2016 07 04
Anglu kalbos business plan
Introduction. Summary. Managers, their experience and qualifications. Main risks. Business analysis. History and basic achievements. Aims. Company’s business area. Description of production or service. Owned technologies, materials. Qualification ...
Anglų verslo planai, Verslo planas, 17 puslapių
2012 10 22
Earning and spending money
I will talk about The survey showed that the majority of teenagers prefer to wash cars to earn money, and the smallest part said, that they would babysit. Personally, I would prefer baby sitting, because it is easy and fun way to earn some cash. ...
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2012 06 11
Food bank campaign essay
Well, when I volunteered at the Food Bank most of the people donated eggs, pasta, sugar, flour, oil, canned food they were the most popular products and others with long shelf lifeFirstly, the food bank helps families who receive a low ...
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2017 02 08
For and against essay
Did you know that in many countries learning online get more popular every day? Nowadays learning online is an easy thing, because more and more people are using computers. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of learning online? There ...
Anglų esės, Esė, 1 puslapis
2013 04 25
Healthy habits
Introduction. Drink water. Get plenty of rest. Eat vegetables. Eat more fruit. Go nuts. Exercise more. Reduce work-related stress. Hug your significant other. Get a pet or a plant. Go outside. Sourses.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 15 puslapių
2012 05 15
Italija anglų skaidrės
Italian republic. Southern europe. Italian herb. Italian flag. Italian money. Metropolitan. Rome. Italian capital. Tiber river. Population. Language. In addition to italian language. Religion. Distribution by religion. Cultur. Celebrations. ...
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 13 puslapių
2013 02 21
Some people think that competing is the best way to suceed in different spheres of life do you agre or disagree that a sense of competition motivates young people?
Some people think that competing is the best way to suceed in different spheres of life do you agre or disagree that a sense of competition motivates young people?
Anglų esės, Esė, 1 puslapis
2017 04 03
The best profession to choose Geriausia profesija
Firstly, the most popular profession nowadays are doctors. You always be sure, that you will get a job when you finish your studies. Also this career will bring you a lot of money, which are especially needed these days to every person. Secondly, ...
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 puslapis
2014 05 23
The best way to travel anglų rašinys
Nowadays people travel a lot for many reasons. Therefore there are many kinds of transport: a car, bus, train, ship, coach, plane, bycycle and ecetera. You can travel with what you want, but the defferent transport gives you the different ...
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2013 03 19
Anglų dialogas daktaras ir pacientas
A: good morning doctor. B: good morning. Whats the matter? How can i help you? A: i have a problem with my health. I feel very tired and exhausted everyday and i don't know why, co i came here to ask your advice and consult with ...
Anglų namų darbai, Namų darbas, 1 puslapis
2012 03 24
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