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My family consists of four people. I have father, mother and brother.
Anglų esės, Esė, 1 puslapis
2014 03 16
Common errors in lithuanian - english translation
Introduction. History of translation. History of translation theory. What is translation. Translation differences between the english and lithuanian languages. Identifying morphological gaps. Errors in translation of lexical and morphological gaps ...
Anglų kursiniai darbai, Kursinis darbas, 31 puslapis
2012 02 20
Earning and spending money
I will talk about The survey showed that the majority of teenagers prefer to wash cars to earn money, and the smallest part said, that they would babysit. Personally, I would prefer baby sitting, because it is easy and fun way to earn some cash. ...
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 puslapis
2012 06 11
Food bank campaign essay
Well, when I volunteered at the Food Bank most of the people donated eggs, pasta, sugar, flour, oil, canned food they were the most popular products and others with long shelf lifeFirstly, the food bank helps families who receive a low ...
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 puslapis
2017 02 08
For and against essay
Did you know that in many countries learning online get more popular every day? Nowadays learning online is an easy thing, because more and more people are using computers. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of learning online? There ...
Anglų esės, Esė, 1 puslapis
2013 04 25
Healthy habits
Introduction. Drink water. Get plenty of rest. Eat vegetables. Eat more fruit. Go nuts. Exercise more. Reduce work-related stress. Hug your significant other. Get a pet or a plant. Go outside. Sourses.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 15 puslapių
2012 05 15
Motyvacinis laiškas anglų kalba Motivation letter
Motyvacinis laiškas anglų kalba Motivation letter.
Anglų laiškai, Laiškas, 1 puslapis
2015 05 20
The best profession to choose Geriausia profesija
Firstly, the most popular profession nowadays are doctors. You always be sure, that you will get a job when you finish your studies. Also this career will bring you a lot of money, which are especially needed these days to every person. Secondly, ...
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 puslapis
2014 05 23
The best way to travel anglų rašinys
Nowadays people travel a lot for many reasons. Therefore there are many kinds of transport: a car, bus, train, ship, coach, plane, bycycle and ecetera. You can travel with what you want, but the defferent transport gives you the different ...
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 puslapis
2013 03 19
Anglų dialogas daktaras ir pacientas
A: good morning doctor. B: good morning. Whats the matter? How can i help you? A: i have a problem with my health. I feel very tired and exhausted everyday and i don't know why, co i came here to ask your advice and consult with ...
Anglų namų darbai, Namų darbas, 1 puslapis
2012 03 24
Anglų dialogas, monologas prieš 12 klasės egzaminą pasiruošimas
Anglu dialogas , monologas pries 12 klases egzamina pasiruosimas A MOKINYS. European Day of Languages Situation. You start the conversation. B mokinys. Student A starts the conversation. International Women’s Day Task.
Anglų aprašymai, Aprašymas, 2 puslapiai
2016 03 08
Climate change
My name is Gabriele. I am student A and my paper number is 2. My task is about To begin with I want to interpret the data of the survey, then talk about factors that influence climate and finally, about climate changes in Lithuania. ...
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 puslapis
2013 11 12
Modern technology
Anglų kalbos rašinys apie modernias technologijas. Modern technology.
Anglų namų darbai, Namų darbas, 1 puslapis
2013 01 16
Solutions for people finding it difficult to combine working and studying
Solutions for people finding it difficult to combine working and studying.
Anglų esės, Esė, 1 puslapis
2015 04 13
21 english topics
21 topics. Lithuania. Holidays in Lithuania. London. Vilnius. The cities of Great Britain. My Famous writer (Charles Dickens). The Seasons of the year. Theatre. Great Britain. Cinema. At the doctors. Famous people of Great Britain and America. ...
Anglų esės, Esė, 7 puslapiai
2016 05 18
Anglų knygios aprašymas King in a cage
I had read a book by John J.Graves ,,King in a cage".The book tells the story about the adventures in Africa.The young prince Impala is very interested in his country because his father is the current lord of Africa.But his health is bad and he ...
Anglų aprašymai, Aprašymas, 1 puslapis
2013 05 28
Anglų skaidrės apie Vilnių
Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. Vilnius. Most popular places in Vilnius. Vilnius cathedral. Gediminas Castle. Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. Vilnius cultural life. The Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. Forum Cinema. ...
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 12 puslapių
2014 05 02
Are school uniforms really necessary
Are school uniforms really necessary? One thing to do that is school uniforms. Moreover, school uniforms are official clothes. On the other hand, school uniforms are uncomfortable. To begin with, uniforms are like school’s logos and people can see ...
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 puslapis
2016 07 11
Environmental problems
Environmental problems. Nowadays the air, water and soil pollution. Air pollution. The number of cars. Water and soil. Different pesticides. Environmental problems in lithuania. Greenhouse effect. Acid rain. The holes in the ozone layer. Destroying ...
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 11 puslapių
2012 12 05
Essay of being rich and famous
People were grouped into castes a hundred years ago. Being rich does have its advantages. However, being rich and famous has certain disadvantages. Moreover, if rich people sometimes donate to charity organizations they will feel a lot better and ...
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 puslapis
2016 07 11
Friends or Family which is more important
Living alone is more enjoyable than living with someone else? To begin with, if you are living alone, you can be the master of your time and home. No one disturbs you. On the other hand, if you live alone, you have to pay taxes one; it would be ...
Anglų esės, Esė, 1 puslapis
2016 07 11
Holidays traveling
Millions of people all over the world spend their holidays traveling. Those who live in the country like to go to a big city and spend their time visiting museums and art galleries, looking at shop windows and dining at exotic restaurants. People ...
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 puslapis
2011 12 29
In our society, we do not attach enough value to the wisdom and experience of the old
In our society, we do not attach enough value to the wisdom and experience of the old
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 puslapis
2014 05 07
Ispanija anglų skaidrės
Spain. Kingdom of spain. Mediterranean sea. Geography. Smaller than france. Larger than the u. S. State of california. Mountains. Mainland spain. Sistema penibético whose highest peak. Heart of peninsular spain. Teide mountain. Islands. The ...
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 12 puslapių
2013 02 21
Laiškas draugui Kvietimas atvykti į savo šalį
It’s been long time since our last visit, so Im glad that your choice is Lithuania. I think your holidays we can spend together. I know a good place where we can take a rest. That place is called Nida. Nida has a very nice dunes, ...
Anglų laiškai, Laiškas, 1 puslapis
2015 02 20
Anglų rašinys apie sveiką gyvenseną Healthy life style
Healthy life style. Anglų rašinys apie sveiką gyvenseną.
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 puslapis
2015 02 10
Competing is the best way to succeed
Nowadays it seems that there are unlimited possibilities for one to express oneself. On the one hand, globalisation and modern technologies let us reach for the stars and to find one’s place under the sun. On the other hand, better work and ...
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 puslapis
2015 04 13
Esė apie Jonines anglų kalba
How are you? How have the family been? How are you friends?I want to tell you about my country's cultural festival. The beginning of the summer holiday Lithuania June 23, celebrating Midsummer. During this festival is celebrated with ...
Anglų esės, Esė, 1 puslapis
2014 06 05
For and against essay about studying abroad
For and against essay about studying abroad.
Anglų esės, Esė, 1 puslapis
2017 01 31
Integruota šokio anglų kalbos pamoka
Integruota šokio – užsienio (anglų) kalbos pamoka. Kūno judesys – kalba be žodžių. The ways you move your body are the language of their own. Integruotasis ugdymas labiausiai padeda vaiko pasaulėvaizdžio ugdymuisi. Šios integruotos ...
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 16 puslapių
2013 04 15
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