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Automobile History
Automobile history. Steam automobiles. Electric automobiles. Veteran era. Post-war era. Modern era. The history of the automobile begins in early 1769, with the creation of steam-powered automobiles capable of human transport. In 1806, the first ...
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2012 02 10
Transport logistics
Introduction. International Logistics and Freight Forwarding in different vehicles. International Logistics essence. Freight transportation characteristics and defects. Sea Transport. Rail transport. Road Transport. Air transport. River transport. ...
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2014 04 25
Formalūs laiškai anglų kalba. Types of formal letters
Visi formalių laiškų tipai. Darbas anglų kalba. Įvadas. Types of formal letters. Letters about jobs. Inquiry letter. This is an example of inquiry letter. My letter. Letters to other organizations. Asking information letter. Example. My letter. ...
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2016 07 28
Smart houses
“smart home” - a play on the concepts. “smart home” - a play on the concepts. Actual current opportunities. System installation. Problems and prospects. The current housing now includes much more than just a solid wall and durable roof. ...
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2016 07 23
Audi corporation
Introduction. Strain of Audi. The Auto Union era. World War II period. A pause and new start. The four-ring badge. Modern era. Audi Quattro. Audi AG today. Most popular “Audi” Models. Inconclusion.
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2016 08 05
Hybrid vehicle
Introduction. Hybrid vehicle (green car). How does a hybrid vehicle work ? Hybrid vehicle history. The development leading to the hybrid vehicle's. The first hybrid vehicle's. Vehicle type. Types of hybrids. Two-wheeled and cycle-type vehicles. ...
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2016 09 08
Introduction. To present many interesting facts about how important colors are for human in life. To describe colors of every astrological sign. To explain what people eye color means. To find out which flowers color are the most suitable to present ...
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2012 12 18
Coca cola įmonės aprašymas anglų kalba
Introduction. Coca-Cola activity, business form. History, development. Dislocation and Structure of organization. Employees. Foreign partners. Annual turnover, profit. SWOT analysis. Perspectives. Staff motivation. Conclusions. Literature.
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2016 09 09
Communication in business social media
Social media. Why social media? Social Madia plan. Barriers in communication. Methods of business communication. Conclusion. Source List.
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2015 02 21
Personal and profesional development
Introduction. The competencies required by me as a manager. My swot analysis against these competencies. Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Treats. Device a personal development plan to ensure your own effectiveness in managerial role. ...
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2016 07 29
Volkswagen history
Introduction. Volkswagen company foundation and basic facts. Volkswagen company history in decades. Volkswagen current position in the world and future plans. Key vocabulary. Conclusion. References.
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2015 12 28
Logistics in lithuania: future innovations and solving of global problems
Transport and Logistics in Lithuania. Market Overview. Modal Transport. Logistics Centres. The opportunities and challenges of logistics in the future. Longer transport distances resulting from globalization. The situation of small and mid-sized ...
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2013 09 30
Automatinė pavarų dėžė Automatic gearbox
Introduction. Automatic gearbox weaknesses. Automatic (planetary) gearboxes. Gear lever control. A one-way coupling. Automatic gearbox multiple discs. Power flow. The oil pump. Conclusion.
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2015 01 10
Marketing concept
Summary. Introduction. Marketing concept. Conclusions. Vocabulary.
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2013 03 26
Electric cars
Electric cars. History of electric cars invention. Golden Age. Mid to late 20th century stops and starts. Advantages and disadvantages of electric veichles. No Gas Required. No Emissions. Safe to Drive. Cost Effective. Low Maintenance. Reduced Noise ...
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2016 01 02
Mobile phone
Summary. Introduction. GOALS. Objectives. The origin of mobile phone. The evolution of mobile technologies. The first technologies. The first modern mobile phones. Network generations. The most popular network technologies. The evolution of mobile ...
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2013 10 22
Ecological problems
Human impact on oceans and seas. Ocean acidification - acid rains affecting oceans. Ocean pollution. Water resources - what can we do? Ecological problems. Ecology and ecological problems. Ecological problems - true crisis of humanity. Forests - ...
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2016 07 24
Leadership. Autocratic management style. Democratic management style. Liberal management style. Personal qualities of a leader. Dictonary. Literature. Leadership is one of the group processes taking place in other countries of the organization of ...
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2016 07 23
Self-driving car technology
Road testing. Limitations. Traffic accidents.
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2016 05 04
Apple anglų referatas
Contents. History and development. The essence of the project. The idea of the project. Basic criteria for the phone. Necessary research. Marketing mix. Strategy. Product. Price. Promotion. Place or placement. Sales forecast. Market analysis. ...
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2014 10 07
Green logistics
Introduction. What is Green Logistics? Drivers for Green Logistics. Impact on the Environment at various stages of Supply Chain. Network Optimization. Sustainable Procurement. Environmental Benefits of Green Supply Chain Best Practices. Business ...
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2016 03 30
Hydraulic suspension
Introduction. Vehicle suspension. Resilient performance. Kinematic scheme. Suspensions for improvement. Car suspension. Front and rear suspension scheme. Conclusion. Literature.
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2015 05 06
Narrative story
About two years ago, in summer, I had to visited my grandparents. They live in the country, so far from the city- I hate that place. I remember that all my frends have been going to the beach and my parents put me in a car and said: “You will ...
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2013 08 11
Alternative energy resources
Alternative energy resources. Introduction. Body paragraphs. Conclusion.
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2013 08 28
Anglų referatas Rail Baltica
Lithuanian Railways. „Rail Baltica“. History of Rail transport. Types of rails. Types of trains. Interesting facts about trains. Rail transport in Europe. Rail strengths, weaknesses. Opportunities, threats. Eurostar. Eurostar History. Awards. ...
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2016 04 28
Engine structure of a car
Name , surname raimondas , bačiulis. MT . the gr. Engine structure of a car. Introduction. Introduction. Car engines. Car engines. Conclusion. Conclusion. 10 Resources. Resources. Classic reciprocating internal combustion engine structure. The ...
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2015 04 28
The Media Lithuania
Introduction. Traditional and electronic media. The Role of Electronic Media. The Internet and traditional media pros and cons. Internet media in the face of globalization. Internet media regulation in Lithuania. Electronic media monitoring. ...
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2016 04 28
My dream car self study task
Introduction. Car History. The first generation – (1965 – 1973). The second generation (1974-1978). Fourth generation (1994-2004). The fifth generation (2005 – 2014). Car Engine. Inner beauty / interior. Conclusions. Sources.
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2016 11 28
Smart cars
Smart Cars. Your Car Will Predict Where You’ll Drive. Your Car Will Predict What Traffic Will Do. Your Car Will Predict Pedestrians’ and Other Drivers’ Next Moves. Your Car Won't Change That Much — Its Computers Will. Išmanieji ...
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2016 08 03
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler. The Beginning. World War 1. The Nazi Party. Hitler In Power. Germany lost a lot of its territory. The Road To War. The Dark Side. The Man. The Beginning At half past six on the evening of April 20th, 1889 a child was born in the small ...
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2010 03 03
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