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Company presentation įmonės pristatymas anglų kalba
Hi everyone. It‘s good to see you all here. Let me introduce myself. I‘m Gabija Tamošaitytė, as some of you may know, I am one of the Board directors in my own company of future technologies. Today I‘m going to talk about Future Science ...
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2015 03 19
Profesinė anglų kalba. Fundamental Concepts. Nanoelectronic Devices. Memory Storage. Novel Optoelectronic Devices. Quantum Computers. Energy Production. Medical Diagnostics. Vocabulary NR.
Anglų savarankiški darbai, Savarankiškas darbas, 9 puslapiai
2016 05 15
Pieno žvaigždės aprašymas anglų kalba
Activities of the company. The True Story of 'Pieno zvaigzdes'. We believed in the idea, so its realization started! Structure of meneger. Company‘s headquaters. Employees. Company‘s advantages & disadvantages. Company‘s annual sales. ...
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2014 11 08
Angliškas meniu restoranui
Restaurant Skonis Breakfast menu until 11. Cold ant hot starters. Pork entrees. Main beef dishes. Main poultry dishes. Main fish dishes. Kid’s menu. Pasta and crepes. Ice cream. Dessert cocktails.
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2015 05 26
Hybrid vehicles
Introduction. What is hybrid vehicle. History. Early days. Modern hybrids. Vehicle type. Two-wheeled cycle-type vehicles. Heavy vehicles. Ships. Aircraft. Military off-road vehicles. Rail transport. Conclusions. Resources.
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2015 05 30
Practical self-study task of the professional language (english)
Practical self-study task of the professional language (english). The traditional model for nursing practice. English-lithuanian vocabulary or professional terms. Summary.
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2013 05 20
Mano svajonių automobilis
The Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium is gorgeous.  It has both a sporty and stylish look.  It’s sporty look makes it popular and trendy.  It is something that a person in their mid-26s, such as me, would want to not only drive, but own.  Its ...
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2015 03 18
Types of tourism and tourists
Introduction. Types of tourism. Types of tourists. Conclusions. A list of literature.
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2015 01 17
Firmos pristatymas anglų kalba
Introduction. Profile of activities. Production. History and development. Location and bronches. Structure of administration. Number of employees. Fields of activities. Partnership. Annual turnover, profits. Swot analysis. Prospects. Employee ...
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2014 10 21
Advantages and disadvantages of digital ages
Advantages and disadvantages of digital ages. Computer applications. a sphere computer are used. What is a computer summary /. What is inside a pc system summary /. A pc system diagram. My ideal computer system. The eyes of your computer. How ...
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2016 11 23
Lifosa history and activity
Introduction. History. Title of the company. The essence of the project. The idea. The Basic Criteria of “Tour de Lifosa”. Marketing plan. Marketing analysis. Marketing mix. People and action plan. Finance plan. The need of funds and financing ...
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2015 11 27
MILKA New product
Introduction. Summary. Business analysis. Marketing plan. Production plan. People and action plan. Financial plan. Swot analysis. Conclusions. References.
Anglų savarankiški darbai, Savarankiškas darbas, 23 puslapiai
2015 04 13
Trumpas anglų dialogas apie sveikatą
Trumpas anglų kalbos dialogas apie sveikatą. Skirtas atsiskaityti kaip pasakojimą.
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2013 03 28
Active passive voice
Sally gave Peter a birthday card The chef hasn‘t made dinner yet Mrs Gates will look after the baby Jenny didn‘t break the window Many people speak English The author will write a new book soon Fiona cooked this delicious turkey Tony had ...
Anglų savarankiški darbai, Savarankiškas darbas, 4 puslapiai
2016 05 23
Apie mokesčius angliškai
Taxes in lithuania. Value added tax. Personal income tax. Corporate income tax. Real estate tax. Excise duty. Social insurance contributions. Inheritance tax. Lottery and gaming tax.
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2014 05 28
Cut your spending dialogas
2-of course, id like to show people how to save more money, becouse i can do it really well.1-well if you are participating in this, im going to compete with you.2-that sounds great, why dont we just start it right now? what do you ...
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2015 12 02
Dairy industry
Introduction. History. Structure of the industry. Industrial processing. Milking machines. Associated diseases. Conclusions. Literature.
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2015 01 27
Dialogas World television day
A Hello , nothing interesting and where are you going. A Oh , SO you dont know about the breaking news ? A What about it , do you have any ideas. A ok so I need go to the math class Cya. A ok ok ok ok ok ok.
Anglų savarankiški darbai, Savarankiškas darbas, 2 puslapiai
2016 10 23
Italian cuisine
Short information about italy. Italian food culture. Italian food customs, the unwritten rules. Italian cuisine. Antipasto (the appetizer). Primo and secondo. Dolce. Beverages. Conclusion. Literature.
Anglų savarankiški darbai, Savarankiškas darbas, 9 puslapiai
2015 03 18
Meat contamination
Introduction. Biological hazards in meat. Chemical hazards in meat. Physical hazards in meat. Meat spoilage through micro-organisms. Meat poisoning through micro-organisms. How to prevent meat from contamination? Key terms. References.
Anglų savarankiški darbai, Savarankiškas darbas, 9 puslapiai
2014 12 15
Presentation AB Achema
Introduction. Development. Activity, Business form. History. Development. Location of the company. Branches. Structure of administration. Employees. Foreign partners. Annual turnover, profits. SWOT analysis. Perspectives. Conclusions. References.
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2014 12 09
Anglų pasakojimai
Dear Max,. We go shopping to the „Maxima“ store. Weekend. Sport in my life. How to stay healthy and fit.
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2014 12 04
Personal hygiene
Key terms. Introduction. Rooms where food is prepared, treated or processed. Floors. Walls. Ceilings. Windows. Doors. Surfaces. Washing equipment and food. Kitchen hygiene. The bathroom hygiene. Simple Rules for Personal Hygiene. Hair. Skin. Teeth. ...
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2013 12 10
Rūta sweets company
Introduction. Company history. UAB „Rūta“ stores in lithuania. Institutions that cooperate with UAB „Rūta“. Ouality and food safety policy. UAB ,, rūta“ products. UAB „Rūta“ products according to individual orders. Conclusions. ...
Anglų savarankiški darbai, Savarankiškas darbas, 16 puslapių
2017 01 17
Equipment in the classroom. Priemonių grupė Priemonių pavadinimai. Paveikslėliai ir kortelės. Equipment in the classroom. Priemonių grupė Priemonių pavadinimai. Paveikslėliai ir kortelės. Turinys. Įvadas. Literatūros apžvalga. Anglų ...
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2017 04 05
Aspirin – universal remedy for pain , fever and inflamation. Aspirin in the Ancient World. Aspirin today. The chemical structure of aspirin. Important information before using. Veterinary use. Definitions Aspirin. Colorectal cancer. Dengue fever. ...
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2015 09 27
Book „The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success” review
About the author. The Law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Direction. The Law of Responsibility. The Law of Overcompensation. The Law of Applied Effort. The Law of Persistence. The Law of Creativity. Parkinson’s Law. The Law of Differentiation. ...
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2017 05 11
First to fall I would like to present what a small business is. Trade credit. Bank overdraft. Bank loan. Otner sources of finance. There is a great variety of sources of loan finance. Other sources of long-term loans. Short-term sources of ...
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2017 04 05
Customers behavior
Customer’s behaviour. Aim To present and discuss about customer’s behaviour, it types and models. Goals. Define customer’s behaviour. Compare personal and organizational customer behaviour. Discuss three main models of customer’s behaviour.
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2013 10 01
Darbo skelbimas anglų kalba pavyzdys
AB "Lietuvos Geležinkeliai" - the largest Lithuanian transport company. The company together with its subsidiaries, the company employs about 10 thousand workers.AB Lietuvos Geležinkeliai is one of the biggest tax payers in ...
Anglų savarankiški darbai, Savarankiškas darbas, 2 puslapiai
2016 11 09