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Anglų pratybos Prime time 3 mokytojo kontroliniai darbai
A. Match the words to form collocations. B. Look at the questionnaire and fill in the gaps, using the words below. C. Fill in apply, put out, look after, supervise, obey, operate. D. Read the adverts and fill in the following qualities brave, ...
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2013 09 12
Anglų kryžiažodis Kalėdos su atsakymais
Christmas crossword. Questions. In britain, santa is also called. Christmas„ silent night,. Night “. Th december is christmas. Santa's. Is pulled by reindeer. Santa‘s sleigh is pulled by. The same as gifts. „. Night, holy night “. ...
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2012 12 15
Enterprise Elementary 2 Workbook pratybų atsakymai
Enterprise Elementary 2 Workbook anglų pratybų atsakymai.
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2014 10 13
Job interview (2)
Tell me about yourself. Hello, my name is . I am a manager of transport and logistic bussiness. My qualifications include ten years of experience in logistics center in Klaipeda. My experience also includes knowledge of searching new ideas. I would ...
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2013 11 25
Consumer survey on adidas
What do you think, does the number of shops Adidas in the world have influence on sales?No, because in smaller cities people might not buy expensive things, because there is no competitionAre sales influenced by establishing product ...
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2016 05 19
English Grammar Practice
Very good english grammar practice. Please mark you answer with an x in the correct box as in the example. Write a or an before the indefinite singular nouns. Insert a or an if necessary. Supply a/an or one in these sentences. Insert a/an or one if ...
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2010 03 03
Velykos testas anglų kalba Easter Quiz
Easter Quiz. What day is Easter celebrated? Where does the name Easter come from? Why do we have eggs at Easter? Lent is the time of. What animal usually delivers Easter goodies? How long is Lent is western churches? What kind of beans do we eat at ...
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2014 05 18
Anglų kalbos testas, kontrolinis
Student name test academic group accounting. read the text about people and their opinion about the financial statements. Decide if these statements are T true or F false. Insert the correct words. The first letter is already written. Match the ...
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2016 06 09
Anglų kalbos testas
3   Carl. had.  (have) a shower after he. fixed. (fix) the water heater. 4   Andrea. had been practising. (practise) the piano every day for six months before she entered. 5   The children. were. (be) sad because they. had lost. (lose) ...
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2016 10 17
Anglu module 1 test
Progress test. module. A Vocabulary. Match the verbs with the nouns to make common collocations. Total __/. Use the collocations from 1 to complete these sentences. Make video calls. Access the internet. Total __/ 12. Write the definitions or the ...
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2017 01 12
Enterprise 3 test
Than Emily. Annette. She hasn’t got many friends Few Only. call her a friend. There is much sugar in the cupboard Many There. in the cupboard. Perhaps she is sleeping now May She. now. Am sure they are not at work because it is late Can’t ...
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2016 05 21
Holidays on Moon with exercises
Comparisons for. Across the globe. Not too distant. True / false. Synonym match. Phrase match  . Mouthwatering comparisons distant decade bold previously collaboration thrill. Affordable lining explosion emergence spectacular futuristic bookings ...
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2016 04 14
Moods and feeling test
Moods and feelings test. Test answers. Susan and moira have. Taste in clothes. She has been playing tennis. She was four years old. Jim is tall with. Hair, a broad nose and glasses. My mother's brother's daughter is my. Nothing bothers her. She's ...
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2013 01 16