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Anglų kalbėjimas Laisvalaikis.

Hello, I’m Simona and now I'll tell you about leisure time. And divide my speech into four parts. Well, first I’ll comment on the graph data. Second, I’ tell you what are the reasons for low participation in artistic activity among Lithuanians. Next, I express my opinion about whether this situation is gradually changing now. And I’ll finish with what are the most common creative activities among young people in Lithuania. So, I’d like to start.

Like I said, now I’ll briefly comment on the chart data. As you can see part of the graph shows resident from around the world, who are involved in the artistic and creative activities. In fact, Swedish and Estonian residents mainly engaged in these activities, it covers about 93-87%. It can be singing, dancing, drawing, ceramics, leather riding, florists and so on. At least about 21-27 percent given to Portugal and Bulgaria. Indeed, these countries are less engaged in artistic or creative activities. Well, our country Lithuania on only 44% of what really is very little. Well, and Lithuania in 2007, granted only 44%.

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