Anglu kalbos business plan

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Introduction. Summary. Managers, their experience and qualifications. Main risks. Business analysis. History and basic achievements. Aims. Company’s business area. Description of production or service. Owned technologies, materials. Qualification of employees. The essence of the project. The idea. Basic criteria, necessary research. Marketing plan. Marketing analysis. Marketing mix. Sales forecast. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats about the new line of products. Production plan. Production process. Technological equipment. Production power. Materials. Stock and storage. People and action plan. Type of business. Property structure. Organisational structure. Financial plan. The need of funds and financing sources. Profit and loss forecast. Cash flow statement. Calculation of the break – even point. Evaluation of risks. Conclusions. References.

"Pieno žvaigždės" is one of the most popular companies in Lithuania, which manufactures products from milk, such as: cheese, curd, yogurt, etc.

We ensure our company's reputation every time we try to expand production assortment to continually improve the quality of our products and produce as many organic products as we can.

The company „Pieno žvaigždės“ production would like to introduce: a new line of products for children, which we hope would receive a great interest.

Purpose - is to develop and analyze a business plan for new product line.


• to create a new product;

• to describe the new product;

• to prepare a business plan for the new product.

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