Anglų kalbos dialogas oro uoste

Anglų kalbos dialogas oro uoste.

V: Good morningA: Good morningV: Where are you flying to today?A: RomeV: May I have your passport and ticket, please?A: Yes, sure. Here you go.V: Ok, its allright with them. Did you pack your luggage yourself?A: Yes I did.V: Are you carrying any firearms or flammable materials?A: No, just clothes. A lot of clothes..:D V: Haha, ok. Please place your luggage on the scale.A: Yes, ofc. I hope so, that my luggage wont be too heavy. ( V: Pyp pyp pyp.. Oh no, your luggage weighs 17 kilos and the maximum allowed is 15 kilos.A: Mhh.. Its rly important things in ma luggage so I think that I will pay for it. How much should I pay?V: The panalty is 25 pounds.A: Ech.

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  • Anglų kalbos dialogas oro uoste
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