Anglų kalbos kalbėjimas

Anglų kalbos kalbėjimas.

It is always pleasant to give or to receive presents. Presents are given on any possible occasions – birthdays, Christmas, weddings, anniversaries and so on. When you give a present to someone it is a way of showing that you like the person and that you want to make them happy with a little special gift – just for them.

Everyone has their own opinion on what makes a good present, but in my opinion – the best present to receive is something that comes from the heart of the person you’ve got the gift from.

The best present I have ever gotten was a golden ring in the shape of a snake, I like the ring the most of all presents I’ve ever had, because a person that I love a lot has given it to me. Personally, I cherish presents that come from the heart of the other person more than presents that are expensive and luxurious.

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