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Answer the following questions. Match the words with the definitions. Make collocations with given words according to the text. Write an essay 180 - 200 Words. Answer the following questions.What do you know about renewable energy? What renewable energy sources do you know? Why renewable energy is now in the process of radical transformation? Why is modern energy capture starting to expand at a rapid rate? Do you believe that new renewables will supply half of the world’s entire demand for energy well before the end of this century?

The best sites for wind turbines would be open spaces in the country and windy hill

tops. It can be an open sea as it has very high wind rate

enough power for twenty one thousand homes, in this case.

require any fuel to run it, only wind, which is free. And it’s big boost for the farmers who are

getting big money from wind turbine owners (around 10000 pounds for every five of them).

6. a pylon - a tall structure erected to support something else, especially electric power cables

These days all our economy is based on energy. That means that we are using energy everywhere in our daily life’s – cooking, driving cars, heating our houses, working on our computers and so on ... All these things are using one or other kind of energy like electrical , chemical or heat. Today to get energy we using different fuels like fossil, nuclear, solar, bio-fuels, wind, chemicals, rivers, water falls and many more. Every day our demand for energy is growing so we looking for new sources of energy like plasma or even exploit minerals on the moon what can happen in the near future. With the world population growing so fast our energy will grow even faster so the main task for modern Man would be to find renewable and clean energy source which wouldn’t pollute our environment and won’t cause climate change (what is happening now).

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