Anglų kalbos skaidrės apie mechaniką

Auto mechanic. Deividas Vaitekunas IVg. About profession. An auto mechanic is. Equipment. The mechanic has. Working environment. Work environment - small and large garage. Requirements. One needs to have appropriate professional education. Professional perspective. The growing number of foreign imports of new and used cars. End.

The mechanic has a variety of work tools. Tongs, keys, i can not list all gears as they are very much. To find out what tools they use need to visit the workshop.

Work environment - small and large garage. If necessary, you may need to work outdoors. Working conditions depend on the supply of technical workshops. If the low level of mechanization workshop - many of the jobs have to perform by hand, has a heavy weight lifting accessories. Dust, noxious fumes, lubricants, car fuel odor, noise, work hard to reach areas further complicates the work.

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  • Anglų kalbos skaidrės apie mechaniką
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