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I had read fiona phillips ,,a day to remember“. This book is a modern romantic comedy about love, loyalty and limos. The main character is a woman who has her own firm called ‘a day to remember‘. The main firm‘s idea is to provide special cars for special days out: weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. So, there was a normal work day, the main woman had to take care of her firm, that everything would go right. She got up early and had to get the wedding car ready: get the champagne nicely chilled, and then get her firm‘s rolls royce round to the bride‘s house. So that meant, that there was no time for a lie-in. Moreover, she got a call from rhys, the local farmer. They kept their two wedding cars in his barn. He said that steve, one of the drivers from her firm, was missing for few days, and he took the limo with him. This was a huge problem. Her limo and her driver had both disappeared.
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