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Anglų testas. Christmas crossword. Questions. In britain, santa is also called. Christmas„ silent night,. Night “. Th december is christmas. Santa's. Is pulled by reindeer. Santa‘s sleigh is pulled by. The same as gifts. „. Night, holy night “. Traditional christmas drink. , also known as saint nicholas, father christmas. A crystal of snow. A bird traditionally eaten on christmas dinner. The four weeks leading up to christmas. The birthplace of jesus. Christmas is a festival to celebrate the. Of jesus. A sock filled with goodies on christmas day. Decoration often hung on doors. Traditionally served on christmas day. It has it‘s origins in medieval england. An annual commemoration of the birth of jesus christ. Made of wax. Special songs, which are sung during the christmas season. A decorated evergreen coniferous plant. A mischievous fairy. Answers.

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