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Anglų laiškas apie sveiką gyvenimo būdą.

Hello, my name is Lukas, I’m 17 years old. Healthy lifestyle is an important to me. Me and my family trying to live healthy, eat healthy food, sport. Healthy eating and sport is the way to a happier and more beauty old age! But after all, the most important is to have a desire. My grandparents have a farm in village, where they grow a variety of fruit, vegetables, grow animals. We know that our grown food are most healthiest, so we are trying to eat this food as often as possible. Do not forget sports. There is no need to run, lift weights or exercise machines with a lot of work. We can car exchange to a bike, and walk short distances by foot. Often I like walking, go to the gym. When comes summer, at the morning I like to go jogging, workout with outdoor sports equipment, go to lake to swim.

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