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Angliškas laiškas. Angliski laiskai. Anglų laiškai. Anglu laiskas draugui. Angliski laiskai draugui. Angliškas laiškas draugui. Angliski laiskas draugui angliskai. Angliski laiskas draugui. Anlu laiskas. Laiškai angliški.

Anglų laiškas. I am writing to ask for some important things for our school. Firstly, i suggest if school could orginesi more excursions it would be defenately better for learning subjects. For exhample if it be excursion to museum students will remember more information about what they are learning. And it would be easier for teachers to teach students.

Secondly, it would be great to have video/DVD lessons. I think it will make lessons more interesting because in many cases students prefer to dicover information by them self. And only a small part of them prefer to have all information dictated by teacher.

And the third thing which would be great for school is to change the lights in reception.

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