Anglu monoliginis kalbejimas apie Eating disorders

Anglu monoliginis kalbejimas apie valgymo sutrikimus Eating disorders.

A person will lose his weight extremely, will feal innregural hount rhytms, the bloud pressure will be low and this appearence. Finally this problem could be olwed some ways. One of the ways could be medications. Yet there‘s specifically designed medications treat anorexia, but there is antidepressants and other psychiatric medications that can trout ment disorders. Another way could be medical care. If the problem is getting worse you‘ll need doctors help on ever the feeding throught your strenght. In conclusion anorexia nervosa mostly of psychological problems and if you wasn‘t take care of it the problem will you bigger until you will need medical care.

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  • Anglu monoliginis kalbejimas apie Eating disorders
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