Anglų monologas mass media

The Mass media is something that helps to communicate with thousands people at once. Whoever controls the media controls the mind. And it is known for years, but somehow humanity still trusts it. There were done hundreds of researches, analysis it’s even scientifically proved, that mass media affects us. But somehow we still don’t fight against it. We do the opposite thing – we trust it even more. Within each day we see more and more information. Just since from the beginning of the day we wake up – we turn on the radio, mostly – news; after this we go to the bus station, we meet people there, who talk about what new happened in the world today. While being in the bus we see loads of different commercials, advertisements on building walls… All this is mass media. It became usual for us to absorb such a huge amount of information daily that sometimes we even forget one thing do we need all this?
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  • Anglų monologas mass media
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