Anglų monologas people and sports

People and sports.

Through the ages physical activity took an important place in a life of human.

In the antiquity some men were not only working, but also – hunting. Sometimes it looks like it is easy, but actually, this activity required a huge physical preparation and strength. Also, in the times of ancient Rome men were training hard since the childhood. It was important to train and get stronger to win the biggest battles and the bloody wars.

As I’ve already mentioned, that sport is a great option for those, who want to get stronger and fit.

While training human body burns a lot of calories and this makes him look fit and also, he trains his muscles and this leads to strength. All the “strength”, in this case, includes velocity, stamina, dexterity and even more. And this may help you in many random extreme situations, for example, while being attacked or while defending.

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