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Dear Max,. We go shopping to the „Maxima“ store. Weekend. Sport in my life. How to stay healthy and fit.

It is important in everyone’s life to live healthy and to keep fit. If we want to live like that we have to do some things. At first we need to love sport. It is very useful for our bodies and health. We can play some games, walk in the forest, swim in the lake or pool or just do some exercises at home. Our body needs to get some sport in order to keep fit. Also we have to eat fresh and healthy food - vegetables, fruits and berries. It gives us a lot of vitamins and other useful minerals. We must eat not so much food and do not hurry while eating. What is more, we have to find enough time for sleeping. Sleeping helps to relax for our body and brain. It charges our batteries for another day. To sum up all the things, we have to love sport, to eat healthy and to sleep well if we want to stay fit.

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