Anglų pasakojimas apie laisvalaikį

Pasakojimas apie save angliskai. Pasakojimas anglu kalba. Laisvalaikis angliskai. Anglu pasakojimas in my spare time. Pasakojimai anglu kalba. Anglu pasakojimai. Anglu laisvalaikis. Anglu kalba apie savo laisvalaiki. My family pasakojimas. Anglu pasakojimas apie gimtadieni.

Laisvo laiko planavimas. Anglų pasakojimas apie laisvalaikį.

I divide my spare time into a few parts. The biggest part takes my friends, because they are really important to me and I cannot imagine my day without friends. Together we love to watch movies, play bowling or billiard, go to the nature or at the lake. Just be all together. The second part is for studying, I don`t spend a lot of time for it, but it`s enough. I think. And the last one part is for my family, every day supper with parents, Sunday breakfast with grandmother or grandfather. Of course, sometime I like to be just with myself, read some books, listen music or watch films.

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