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Today we are going to talk about studen exchange program. It is about going to study abroad to other country. We can devide them in 2 parts. One of them is erasmus students, who goes for half an year, with sometimes possibility to stay and finish studies. Second one is about to study from begining till the end of studies. Sometimes, students choose to study abroad, because of several reasons. One of them, run out further from home, to try starting there own life, trying to understant if u are able to be selfish. Second reason, is to get good diploma from the strong university with possibility to stay working in the country u finishing studies. Third one, sometimes it is cheaper to study abroad, espesialy, if u have no financial possibility to study in your own country. Several years before, it was not to popular in Lithuania to go studying abroad. Now there are lots of possibilities to go abroad and it becomes very popular studying out ofLithuania because of its finansial situation. Everyone is searching the better life. The biggest mobility of students is in Germany and France.
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