Anglų pasiruošimas egzaminui Ready for exam

Ready for exam. How to pass English. 1-st lesson. Reading. Speaking. Writing. Listening. Grammar. 2-nd lesson. Reading. Speaking. Listening. Grammar. 3-rd lesson. In this lesson we will look how to say about something. So, the example is that we have to speak about traffic. My idea is to talk about traffic jams, pollution about its solution. Scheme.

So English is very difficult language. And you know why? We all know that all languages are very difficult. Except our native language. But it‘s a little difficult too. We learn it all our life but it‘s still sometimes difficult. Isn‘t it? If we want to learn language well, we should learn it very hard. We should practise for at least 1hour per day.

Your family identification. Talk about jobs, professions. Talk about myself and friends person‘s character. To say how you and your friend looks.

The task is: look at the example of cv and try to write your own it.

2nd task: Write a letter for your penfriend. Talk about yourself. Say what is your character. How you look like. For you can help a mini dictionary.

Find the good answer. Say why you choose it.

I‘m very happy for my new house. It‘s awesome. From the first look it looks very small but then you come inside you see that it‘s very big house. On the first floor are 4 rooms. There are living room, dining room, study room and lounge. Also there are lavatory and very big kitchen. On the second floor are 3 bedrooms.

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