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Rūta. About company RŪTA History Employees My position in company Activities Products. Content. RŪTA is the oldest confectionery company in Lithuania. „RŪTA“. Middle-sized company Have. Information about the company. Established in 1913 in Šiauliai city by Antanas Gricevičius. History. Administration director, deputy director, deputy diroctor of commerce. Employees. In company RUTA my speciality is accounting. My position in company. Produces a unique range of recipies and original products ideas. RŪTA activities. Nuts, caramels, truffles, creams, jellies, chocolate figurines, marzipan and so on. Company RŪTA is one of the oldest chocolate brandi in Lithuania. To sum up.

RŪTA is the oldest confectionery company in Lithuania; RŪTA established in 1913; Company RŪTA have old traditions and good reputation.

Middle-sized company; Have 240 employes; Company RŪTA have seven sweet productions departments. Also, company have technological and microbiological labarotories; There are 11 branded shops in Lithuania.

Administration: director, deputy director, deputy diroctor of commerce, directors assistant, head of human resources, head of financial department, IT project manager. Purchasing department: head of purchasing department, purchasing manager. Department of sales and marketing research: head of sales and marketing department, quality manager, sales administrator, export manager, export manager, special projects manager.

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