Anglų rašinys apie atostogas Holidays

Holidays. What holidays are the most popular? Which type of holiday did you have last year? Where, when and who did you go with? What means of transport did you use to get to the destination? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a package holiday? Which kind of holiday is the holiday of your lifetime? Why?

To begin with, regarding the most popular holidays I do believe it is beach ones, since many beaches all over the world are crawling with tourist all year long, especialy during the summer holidays. As for myself, last year at the end of July I went to Šventoji beach with my friends for our summer holidays. As for the means of transport we used it was a three-hour ride by car to the little town but the weather was great and my companions were the best, thus everything went according to plan and we had great fun together.

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