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The purpose of this report is to get acquainted to a famous engineer Karl Benz.

The engineer was born in Germany in 1844. His father was a locomotive driver, but he died when Karl was a boy and his mother brought him up by herself. She tried to give good education to the son who got interested in engineering. After graduation of a university Benz tried to work in different companies but he did not fit in any of them. He was the first who created a reliable petrol two-stroke engine. He made more inventions as well. His inventions were the following: the speed regulation system, the ignition using sparks with battery, the spark plug, the carburetor, the clutch, the gear shift, and the water radiator. He had his own business and produced cars.

In conclusion Benz fulfilled his dream to invent a horseless carriage, he worked hard, studied and his dream came true.

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  • Anglų rašinys apie automobilius
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