Anglų rašinys apie globalinį atšilimą Global warming

Global warming rasinys. Globalinis warming essay. Globalinis atsilimas rasinys.

To begin with, speaking about the world's environmental problems I know for a fact that the most serious one is global warming along with air and water pollution. However, global warming is the most dangerous one and human activities causes the majority of it. To illustrate this, the harmful gasses emitted from vehicles and factories, deforestation, excessive use of plastics, littering, etc. All these activities performed by human beings are major factors of the polluted gases in the air which increase the temperature of the Earth leading to global warming. In addition, dropping rubbish is highly dangerous to the environment since littering pollutes water and not only destroys landscape but also causes the extinction of wildlife. In fact, 67 per cent of inhabitants of Lithuania do not sort garbage since recycling is not yet popular among Lithuanians.
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  • Anglų rašinys apie globalinį atšilimą Global warming
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