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Cinema Week Project.

N - Hey, (name)! Why didn’t you pick up your phone yesterday? I called a lot of times.

N - Yeah, that’s true, I'm also worried about that, but I hope you didn’t forget about the cinema week at our school?

N - Exactly, but I don’t have any ideas how to start.

N - Yeah, it’s sounds interesting, but don’t you think that it will require a lot of work to get in touch with various film-makers?

N - I think that they really would like to see the best Lithuania films and get opportunity to meet with these film-makers, producers or actors. It would be much easier to organize.

N - I agree, but if we fail and wouldn’t get opportunity to make movies with our guests, what we do then?

N - I don’t know, in my opinion one of the best Lithuania movies are “Lošėjas” or “Sėkmės metai”. Besides, my dad knows one of these film-makers. I would be able to talk with him about


N - Also I think we need to show all kinds of Lithuania movies, for example feature, documentaries or animation.

N - All right.

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