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I was a fresh graduate from the University with a degree in business administration and tourism studies. I was temporarily employed by a tourist agency in the capital city. The work from the beginning was not very hard but incredibly interesting. They enjoyed having me since I was one of the only female English speaking staff members. The foreign tourists really seemed to love me and I was always asked to be their guide.

One autumn morning I was sent to a venue to meet with a group of twenty tourists. I was especially excited about this day since it was a group of entrepreneurs from favorite place in Europe, the UK. I couldn’t wait to hear their accents and find the best places to visit the next time I travel there. As I waited with excitement at the agreed upon location, I was asking myself what type of people would they be? A fun group can make a long day pass quickly but a demanding group can make the day never end. I was hopeful since wealthy people from the west are often capricious, and therefore have to be ready for anything.

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