Anglų rašinys apie rūkymą. Smoking

Rasinelis apie rukyma. Rasiniai apie rukyma. Angliskas rasinys apie rukyma. Ese apie rukymo zala. Anglu rasinys apie rukima. Rasinys apie rukima. Rasinys apie rukyma angliskai. Pastraipa apie rūkymą. Anglu kalbos rasinys apie rukimo zala. Ese apie rukyma.

Smoking is one of the leading killers in the world. For years people have been smoking in public places, but now it’s banned. So, how do you think, it’s a good idea or not? To begin with, bars and café’s which let clients smoke inside have a better business, because came more people which are smoking. Moreover, smoking in a public places is a good way easy to make a conversation when someone is looking for a smoke. What is more, some peoples say that smoking ban isn’t good idea, because it’s limiting to human freedom.
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  • Anglų rašinys apie rūkymą. Smoking
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