Anglų rašinys marriage issues

Anglų rašinys marriage issues.

One of the most modern question of these days is what is the best age to marry? Well in 2015 people are starting relationships early and they don’t last long, but marriage is too important to start in young age because its not the same as being in a relationship marriage is more than that. When you get married you not just promise to love someone till death but you also share the same life, same wealth and more importantly you are family now and you cant breakup that easily as you can when you are just a couple. in 2009 America had a survey about ‘’what is the best age to marry’’ and survey results was that most people said that they got married at 26 or 30 years old also a lot of people married at 22 or 25 years and rest said that 31 or 35 is the best age to marry.

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  • Anglų rašinys marriage issues
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