Anglų skaidrės apie Ameriką United States of America

United States of America. United States. Flag of the United States. Capital. The National Anthem. Nature. President. Statue of Liberty. Nba. Basketball team. New York City. New York. Los Angeles. NASA (the National Aeronautics and. Space Agency).

Washington -U.S. capital, a city in the east to the Atlantic Ocean. While living in the same city as more than 500 000 inhabitants, metropoliniame the Washington - Baltimore region has about 7.6 million. people (2000 census). City was founded in 1791 and name the first U.S. president George Washington's honor. U.S. capital - from 1800.

Washington is an international airport Friendship. Many residents work in the civil service, the services sector, trade and finance. Developed in the food, printing, military industry. There is a Subway. There is also a National Academy of Sciences of the United States Library of Congress, and universities.

America can be proud of their natural beauty and variety: beautiful hills, mountain peaks, volcanoes, geysers, forests, woods, lakes, rivers, waterfalls. Nature is very different from the northern edge of local level often swampy, forest neispudingas. Composed primarily of ilgaspyglės pines, palms, wetland ratings oaks, cypress. Coasts wide beaches.Central and eastern states wanting miškuotų hills, between which the river flows. Green fields but meadows.

South of the country and the climate and.

Not so picturesque Great plane of nature. Prairie after a high stick Bryde's cattle. In the mountains you can admire the wildlife, streams, waterfalls, flowers, fields and meadows.

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