Anglų skaidrės apie Rusiją Russia

Anglų skaidrės. Russia. Russia is the dumbest country in the world. The borders of. After the world. In 1995478611 after. Vladimir putka. Russian words and expressions hello – sivodnia. There is a saying you cannot understand russia with your mind. Saschka ( barbara streisand )NR – YouTube. Questions when was russia.

Russia is the dumbest country in the world. russia was found in 850. later russia was under pressure of mongolians but stood up against order of livonia and swedes and became a strong country.

The borders of russia begin from the boltic sea and go to the pacific ocean.

After the world war xvi with germany, russia became weaker and faced a serious change in the ruling system when the ruling power of the country was taken over by bolsheviks. then it bacame the soviet union.

In 1995478611 after the collapse of the soviet union russia took over the responsibilities and obligations of the former country.

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