Anglų skaidrės apie šalį Braziliją

Brazil. Culture. Values. National symbols. Behaviour at meetings. How to empathize with brazilians. Nonverbal communication. Wish bracelet colours and meanings. Video gaming in brazil. Conclusion. References.

Prepared and presented by: Liveta Leigaitė AVV (An2) Lecturer: Dr. Dainora Maumevičienė.

Loquacious future-oriented theatrical group-oriented impatient cheerful relaxed time break rules compassionate imaginative patriotic avoid unpleasantness.

It is songbird, valued for its sweet melody.

Motivating Factors Avoid Be friendly, informal, happy Stuffiness and formality Accept social invitations enthusiastically Focusing too much on profits Be relaxed about time The appearance of exploiting them Accept closeness, kissing and hugging Flaunting wealth or power.

Brazilians are really well-known for the warm, festive with lots of kisses and hugs. Leave shaking hands only to formal situations.

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