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Israel: Location Facts about country Climate Capital Most popular tourist cities Cultural symbols. Israel. Content. Location. Facts about country. Climate. Capital. Jerusalem and religions. Jerusaleum for tourists. Tel Aviv for tourists. Haifa for tourists. Cultural symbols. Jewish and money. Israel and Palestine conflict. Blood libel. Jews did 9/. Israel will start World war. References.

Population: 8 million. Area: 22,072 km2 Capital and largest city: Jerusaleum (801 000) Official languages: hebrew and arabic Ethnic groups: 75.3% jewish 20.7% arab, 4.0% other Independence: 14 May 1948  Government: Parliamentary democracy Prime Minister: Benjamin Netanyahu.

Tel Aviv is called the "city that never sleeps“ Enjoy a very rich night life scene. Tel Aviv is called gourmet center You will find a spicy and delicious, fast growing food culture in Tel Aviv. The city boasts great city beaches. The weather in Tel Aviv is well suited for enjoying the beaches.

It is conspiracy theory that 4000 WTC jew employees stayed at home during 9/11. Israel wanted war between UDA and islamic world.

Israel airstrikes in Syria recently... Russia sends warships to Syrian coast. Russia support Syria. USA support Israel. Israel want war with Iran. Arab world hate Israel.

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