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Sniff the detective catches the robber. Joyce writes a good story. The man who planted trees. Black beauty. Flying to the zoo. F. Scott fitzgerald. Sniff is a very smart detective who thinks with his head and smells with his nose. He helps find bad people and missed things. One day sniff got a phone call. It was chief hound. Joyce had to write a story for school. She thought and a lot but she didn’t know what to write about. “why don’t you write about a boy and his toys? ” asked her brother. Joyce disagreed. She really wanted to do better. Joyce’s sister, who liked singing a lot, said. About forty years ago i was taking a long trip on foot over mountain heights quite unknown to tourists. All around was barren and colorless land. Nothing grew there but wild lavender. After five hours’ walking i had still not found water. All about me was the same dryness, the same coarse grasses. I saw in the distance a small black silhouette. It was a shepherd. Thirty sheep were lying about him on the baking earth. He gave me a drink and took me to his cottage on the plain. I felt peace in the presence of this man. Black beauty spent first few years running free in a meadow. His mother taught him that people were his friends. When black beauty was four years old his master decided to break him in. As it is well documented, francis scott fitzgerald wrote almost exclusively about himself, his wife zelda and the people with whom he was intimate. Therefore, major facts of his life could be help¬ful for a better understanding of his works. Fitzgerald was born in a conventional middle-western irish family. He was des¬tined to become his mother's single hope and the centre of her affection and fears since she had lost two other children (both girls) not long ago.

“How can I help?” Sniff asked when he arrived. Chief Hound said:

“Yes,” said Mrs. Piggy Jewel, “but only to water my pumpkins.”

Sniff thought and thought. At last he decided to stay at Mrs. Piggy Jewel’s house. The sun went down, Mrs. Piggy Jewel went to sleep. She made lots of noise because she snored and snored. Sniff listened and heard something. He thought he smelled a rat. Raffles Rat was in the room! Raffles Rat quickly went to Mrs. Piggy Jewel’s bracelet box. He opened it and took out a bracelet. Raffles Rat climbed up the chimney and Sniff couldn’t catch him. Raffles Rat escaped through the chimney!

The next night Sniff the Detective watched again but soon he fell asleep. Raffles Rat came through the chimney and saw a small bracelet which could open and close. It was the right size for his wrist! Raffles Rat climbed quickly up it the chimney with his new bracelet. Oh, look! Raffles Rat is dragging Sniff out of his chair. Before he fell asleep, he tied bracelet to his leg with a string. The bracelet was a handcuff! Raffles Rat couldn’t get the bracelet off his wrist and escape. Sniff pulled Raffles Rat out of the chimney and asked:

He told him the truth and Sniff found eight bracelets in a pumpkin in the garden. Mrs. Piggy Jewel, Chief Hound and Sniff had a pumpkin pie to celebrate. Then Chief Hound took Raffles Rat to the jail. He will never steal another bracelet again, especially not one with a string on it!

Next door she saw her classmates Howard and Shawn playing football:

Joyce went for a walk with her dog. She thought about what her mother had said. Suddenly Joyce had her first good idea. She ran back home faster than a mouse. She ran past her friends still playing on the lawn, father, sister and brother.

The next morning all the family were having breakfast when Joyce said:

Joyce looked for her books. She didn’t care if she was late. She was very uncomfortable. On the bus Howard and Shawn said:

But Jake does not see the park and the dog. He does not see the funny face of the girl. But he wants to see something.

He looks and looks for the animals.

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