Anglų topikai apie festivalius

Anglų topikai apie festivalius.

Hello, I‘m Simona and now I‘m going to talk about Street Festivals and Fairs, and divide my speech into 3 parts. Well, firstly, I‘ll tell you about a few fairs that take place in Lithuania. Next, I‘ll tell you as young people take part in such events. And I‘ll finish with my opinion about the participation of students in such events like fairs.

So, now I'll tell you about Casimir's Fair , which is known as the most abundant folk art and folklore meeting. This fair is held every year at the beginning of March. There, people sell their wares produced goods, as pussy willow, woolen socks, brooches, basketware, wooden spoons, homemade bread, pies, cakes and so on. Well, some of the exhibitors earned money donate to sick people, or give to the relevant organizations. Another festival, which really surprised me, it is Cucumber Festival. It is a unique festival, which is held every year in Kėdainiai.

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