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You think I should burn it ? – Mrs. Peach asked. Consider it done. – “ special agent ” Lily replied. Emily left for work. Lily made breakfast for Suzy and went to the supermarket to do the shopping. When six year old Suzy woke up it was past. In the morning. The girl , just like always , was as happy as a pup with two tails. Mommy said I should have breakfast before I can play. – Dutiful daughter remembered. Good morning , princess. – Lily warmly greeted her beloved girl. Hello , Lily. – The polite girl replied. That’s not good. – Girl committed. Must call the detectives , I want this foul deed solved. – Mr. Peach decided. He made a call Hello , did I call the detective bureau ? – The poor man checked. Hello , yes , you did. How can I help you ? – The detective’s assistant asked. I’ve been robbed , I need a detective to solve this. – Mark asked. Okay , just tell me your address and name , sir. – The manager requested. Copper street 12a. I’m Mark Peach. – Mark replied. We’ll be there in no time , Mr. Peach. – Assistant ensured. How do you do ? – The assistant politely greeted. And you must be mister Peach , am I right ? – Luis asked.

It was quite a rainy, yet fairly warm autumn morning in the Peaches family mansion. Mark had already left for work, while Emily, since she starts and ends work later than her husband, and their maid Lily were tidying the house:

I don’t like that painting, I told Mark, but he doesn’t listen to me. – Emily explained to Lily.

You think I should burn it? – Mrs. Peach asked.

Maybe that would be too harsh, if I were you, I would throw it in to the cellar. - Friendly maid suggested.

The women got really into this “master plan” arranging. And the “twisted mistress” decided:

That’s a good idea, but we should hide it in the basement.

Morning? Already? Ah well, I suppose I’ll continue the tea party next dream. – Suzy told her teddy bear.

Mommy said I should have breakfast before I can play. – Dutiful daughter remembered.

She got dressed and ate her breakfast faster than a soldier. And went to look for a place to play. First she went to the basement, where, after ten or so minutes behind the potato boxes she found a painting, the same “la femme” maid hid in the morning:

And she immediately got to work. After an hour Lily returned, took the groceries to the kitchen and went to tidy Suzy’s room.

I should hide the drawing while Lily is tidying my room. – I don’t want to spoil the surprise. – The girl told the teddy.

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