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Animal testing discussion Animal testing. “Virtually every medical achievement of. For what reasons are animals used for testing? To advance scientific understanding. Why do scientists use animals in research? S Animal comfort is a primary concern in how experiments are conducted. Those who work with research animals scientists. What animals are used in research? The overwhelming majority of animals used in research are rats and mice. Where do scientists get their animals? Most scientists use animals that are specially bred for research. Are there alternatives to the use of animals? Scientists look for. Why are cosmetics and other products tested on animals? Testing these products on animals is necessary to ensure our safety. How are research animals protected? The federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) is the key law governing research with animals. The awa was. The 1985 Health. The National Institutes. How you can stop animal testing. You can help. Thank you for your attention! © Normantas Volodko.

For what reasons are animals used for testing?

10. How you can stop animal testing? What do you think about human body donation to science? It is safer than animal testing?

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