Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement and the Internet Piracy

Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement and the Internet Piracy.

As a citizen of an Eastern European country, who was born when the Soviet Union had already collapsed, I am well aware of how Eastern Europe is seen by the rest of the world. In the eyes of people from other parts of the world Eastern Europeans are skilled thieves and are talented in other criminal acts. And as it is now, no one can completely deny this fact. The rate of crimes and corruption is still high in Eastern Europe, and the internet area is no exception; according to Mark Warner, a legal research analyst, piracy is common in the whole world, but in the Near East and Eastern Europe it is flourishing. That is probably due to the fact that Eastern Europeans are not very fond of such things as intellectual property and copy rights. In Soviet Union embezzling other people ideas was tolerated to some extent. Somehow it has reached even the generations who have not had a chance to experience the life in the Soviet Union. As a result, piracy is a truly common thing in our society, so the news about the Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement law enforcement related to the piracy and its restrictions spread out and reached people quite fast. I was no exception, with the help of the internet, news about ACTA reached me too. But at that time I was too ignorant about it to look into this law matter more deeply.

When things went so far that resistance against ACTA got into the news, more of the society’s attention was set on it too. At first I personally thought that it was a really good idea; finally someone took and identified breach of intellectual property as a serious crime. Usually people think that one illegally downloaded song will not change anything. However, the reality is different, since every time a person thinks this way, they do not realize that other people think the same. As a result, unimaginably huge numbers of illegal digital material are flowing throughout the internet all around the world.

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