Anti-Fraud Strategies

Anti-Fraud Strategies.

Recently, very often we hear about corruption, fraud, discussing statistics and criticized the current situation. Openly talk about the damage it is doing to the countries. Corruption is a threat not only for the countries, but for the human security is well: it may be compromised our rights. Corruption distorts the market mechanism and creates unequal conditions for business. Due to corruption existence state budget receives revenue decline. Today, as I mentioned, you can often hear about corruption in different countries, but very rarely makes an offer on how to stop it. Apparently, the reason way many of us today believes, that corruption is almost congenital defect of authorities, completely independent of our will and control. That is way it is important to understand the fact that, the combat are able and possible, the citizen is not left alone, it is institutions which dispose of this disease “signs”

The European Community’s budget is funded by taxpaying citizens, so that is way such authority is up and running for the sake of common interest. Unauthorized use of Community funding harms the taxpayers. European institutions must to ensure the taxpayers, including each of us, that the money is used in the most appropriate manner, and to deal with corruption in a most effectively way. That is way and was establishment of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), who mission is to protect the EU’s financial interests, fight against fraud, corruption and other illegal activities. OLAF aims to provide a quality service to the citizens of Europe.

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