Apie Biovela įmonę (Angliškai)

Biovela. History. Vilnius district Dukstu BIOVELA founded in. BIOVELA - universal manufacturer that can boast of a variety of meat products. Mission. Mission - to various markets to supply high quality. Objectives. Goal - quality, tasty and nourishing to feed people. Slogan. "Caring as a mom". Logo evolution. Biovela product. Dried products cold-smoked products smoked products cooked products pate salted products. Examples. Thank you for your attention!

Vilnius district Dukstu BIOVELA founded in 1994. Then the work began as a miniature family company with just a few dozen employees. During those years BIOVELA grown, it has become a modern and innovative company, having a stable, unique production, labor and management style. The company successfully and safely integrated into the Lithuanian and foreign markets.

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