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Angliskas rasinys apie seima. Anglu laiškas apie šeimą. Rasinys apie seima. Rasinelis apie bendrabuti anglų kalba. Angliskas rasinelis apie sese. Rasinys apie savo seima norvegiskai. Rasinelis apie seima anglu kalba. Apie seima angliskai. Anglu rasiniai apie seima. Angliškai rašinėlis apie šeima ir darbą.

My family consists of four people. I have father, mother and brother.

My father is 44 years old. He is well-built man with short hair and blue eyes. He is a fireman. He works two times in a week all day. My dad is a quiet man.

My mother works in school. She all day spent at work. Sometimes when she come back home, she be angry and tired. Because She is a busy woman, so we try to be helpful.

My brother is youngest in the family. He is 11 years old. Brother has very beautiful blue eyes and like father he likes cars and mechanisms. Also him fair well at school, and gets good marks. He is honest and hardworking. But sometimes he annoys me. And this sometimes are very often or maybe always. But anyway I love my little brother.

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