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Contents. History and development. The essence of the project. The idea of the project. Basic criteria for the phone. Necessary research. Marketing mix. Strategy. Product. Price. Promotion. Place or placement. Sales forecast. Market analysis. Production plan. People and action plan. Types of business. Organizational structure of apple. Structure of administration. Financial plan. /evaluation of risks. Risks to apple's dominance. Conclusion. References.

Since ancient times people communicate, share knowledge, information. In length of time the communication changed a lot, from paintings on walls to today’s – new technologies. Perhaps these days people don’t even imagine their day without a phone or a computer. Every day we text messages, sent e-mails, phone our friends. Can you believe how technologies evolved? It is normal today, that you can talk to a friend who lives in the other side of the world just in a few clicks. So, you must understood that we chose one of the biggest company making those ‘’smart’’ things. We chose Apple. We have chosen this company because it is one of the most known companies and their products are swept from the shelves.

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